Our values


PERFORMANCE comes from a ‘can-do attitude’. Like bumblebees, we believe that we can fly and we do not take no for an answer. When someone says we can’t do it, we just do it.


HUMILITY is how we are and want to be perceived. Like rabbits, we are generous when it comes to sharing experience and knowledge. We see beyond our own tasks to achieve greatness.


COLLABORATION is how we work. Our success is built on our contribution. This comes from a ‘let’s-do-it-together’ philosophy. Like ants, we never quit. When we see an obstacle in our way, together we always find another way.


PASSION is what drives us. Like giraffes, we see the big picture and the long-term perspective without compromising on the details.


DIVERSITY is how we are represented across cultures, gender, background, and personalities – just like our customers. Like human beings, diversity creates a vibrant atmosphere.


AGILITY is our ability to remove boundaries in order to get work done as efficiently as possible. Like snow leopards, we overcome obstacles and navigate our projects with an agile, flexible step.