Sustainable growth is our purpose

We help companies unlock their potential to achieve sustainable improvements and growth by challenging the status-quo.

Who we are

We are a team of independent professionals from diverse backgrounds who want to make consulting simple. We have extensive experience from strategy- and technology consulting firms, start-ups, and corporations, where we have solved problems in 50+ countries – from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. We are the architects of your growth.

The paper plane approach

We believe the value lies in our clients’ organizations and its people. We aim to unlock this by combining art and science, where art is people and science are proven methods. We combine guts and data.

Imagine a paper plane and how fascinating it is because it looks so complex. A simple piece of paper has been folded and flattened until it is transformed into something unrecognizable. Sometimes it flies, sometimes it doesn’t. Then we have to adjust it and try again. If we unfold it, it is just a simple piece of paper.

We solve complex problems with simple solutions that take offset in our clients’ business models and are easy to understand without any buzzwords. Together with our clients, we will fail fast and forward, so we can realize quick-wins. We fail until we succeed.

We call it the paper plane approach.

Together we can fly to new heights. Come fly with us.

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It’s all about people. The paper plane approach has no borders in a fleeting world.